Competitive Strategy and Management Systems

In the current dynamic global marketplace, the pace of change is ever increasing with the time to market for new technologies and products reducing dramatically.

An inability to set its strategic direction and deliver the necessary change effectively means businesses will fail to realise new opportunities offered in this global market place.

The immediate challenges of running the business alongside the medium and long term needs to Improve and Transform means that short term priorities can dominate management focus especially where there is a lack of clarity on the new strategic direction required.

Aspen Global have worked with many small and medium sized companies in a range of sectors to help them clarify the Strategic direction required to achieve their business Vision.

Alignment of the whole organisation to this strategic direction is critical to its success therefore we work closely with the functional teams to ensure their business plans are in line with the required direction.

A strong culture of Leadership, Supportive Organisational Structures and Culture is necessary to drive the business to achieve its strategic objectives and ongoing improvements.

Front line leaders are key stakeholders in driving change the business and therefore having good leadership skills is vital to the success of any strategic change programme. Aspen have trained and supported leaders at every level in organisation enabling them to effectively manage their daily work alongside improvement and strategic change projects.


Our Clients
Balfour Beatty
Cross Rail
Currie & Brown
Hampshire County Council
Network Rail
Newholland Construction
Owens Corning
Oxford City Council
Premier Inn
Severn Trent Water
Speller metcalfe