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In the next few critical months post lockdown how important are the people in your team in helping your business thrive and survive ? Your Team will : – Launch New Products – Sell your Products  – Improve your Processes – Drive Innovation – Optomise your supply chain and release cash     Aspen Global are approved providers on the remarkable NMCL and SC21 C&G programmes which offer Free Training and Business Support to Aerospace and Automotive Manufacturers What are the NMCL and SC21 C&G...
Many companies are currently facing an uncertain future post Covid and need to adopt an agile approach to how they strategically meet the new challenges or opportunities that the new ‘Normal’ throws at them. An executive may have a vision of what direction they wish to take their organisation but are their team truly behind this. Without the true engagement of the whole team the achievement of that vision becomes harder to achieve if not impossible. Strategizing is a fundamental...
Daily management in construction FEATURE – How lean daily management helped a Brazilian construction company to stabilize production in a tailing dam elevation project.   Daily management (DM) is a continuous process to ensure that the work is being done the right way and at the right time to achieve business success as defined by the company strategy. It entails the daily monitoring of actions to verify that the expected results are being achieved and, if they are not, to ensure...
Stage 3 Tasks for operators and maintenance engineers must complement each other to eliminate breakdowns. Operators set maintenance & lubrication standards and root causes of contamination. Maintenance engineers train operators , perform predictative and condition based maintenace. 
How do operators and Maintenance Teams Achieve Zero Breakdowns together ?  There are 7 stages for Maintenance Engineers and Operators to follow to achieve zero breakdowns in their TPM journey. Both teams need to conduct complimentary activities. Operators work to eliminate Sources of Contamination (SOC) and eliminate Hard to Access areas ( HTA ) Engineers work to restore and improve where the equipment has deteriorated.  
How do operators and Maintenance Teams Achieve Zero Breakdowns together ?  The historic gap between Maintenace and Operational teams is well understood ( Maintenance Engineers are not responsive , Operators are careless and dont understand ) The successful integration of the efforts of these 2 vital teams to compliment each other is a key objective of #tpm. One objective of Autonomous Maintenace (AM) and Early Management (EM) pillars in any #tpm journey is zero breakdowns. Below are the 1st of the 7 stages...
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