About Us

Who are we?

Aspen Global has an impressive pedigree. Formed from three highly regarded consultancies which together represent over 60 years experience in helping clients improve operational excellence from lean and continuous improvement.

The Aspen Philosophy

The name ‘Aspen’ comes from the Aspen tree, one of the oldest trees in the world. Its characteristics represent who we are:

  • Longevity and sustainability: The Aspen tree is a tree with deep roots
  • Growing strong teams: The Aspen tree grows in communities
  • Adaptability and a willingness to change: The Aspen tree has different leaves for different seasons
  • Resilient & long lasting: The Aspen tree is able to survive extremes, from freezing cold to forest fires
  • Leave a legacy: The oldest Aspen tree, ‘Pando’, is estimated to be 80,000 years old

The Aspen Community

  • An integrated community of Master Practitioners and coaches
  • Offering a global presence for delivery
  • A common approach based on the Aspen way and Aspen philosophy
  • Certified through the Aspen way
  • Passionate, engaging and empathetic to local needs
  • Considers environmental issues whilst delivering sustainable excellence

Core Team

The core team of Gerald Robinson and Richard O’Connor have a wide complementary portfolio of experiences and skills from holding senior positions in corporate business, leading national initiatives to buying and selling companies.  Their shared passion is working with organisations to Deliver Excellence, whilst developing teams and individuals to realise their potential.