Free Training and Business Support to Aerospace and Automotive Manufacturers

In the next few critical months post lockdown how important are the people in your team in helping your business thrive and survive ?

Your Team will :

– Launch New Products

– Sell your Products 

– Improve your Processes

– Drive Innovation

– Optomise your supply chain and release cash    

Aspen Global are approved providers on the remarkable NMCL and SC21 C&G programmes which offer Free Training and Business Support to Aerospace and Automotive Manufacturers

What are the NMCL and SC21 C&G Programmes and what can they do for your manufacturing Company .

The NMCL or National Manufacturing Competitiveness Levels is a system designed to focus on increasing competitiveness and capability in the eyes of the customer. The 2 programmes NMCL and SC21 C&G ( Competitiveness and Growth ) use this system to assist UK manufacturing companies in the Automotive and Aerospace Industry sectors.

Companies can access free consultancy expertise in a diverse range of disciplines including New Product Introduction , Core Quality Improvement Tools , Strategy Deployment , Marketing and Sales . Inventory and Operation Planning where those techniques have been identified as strategically important.

Both programmes begin with an assessment activity of a company’s competitiveness involving the company team , 3 strategic customers plus an experienced NMCL Assessor to assess current competitiveness and  highlights areas where improvement projects can and should be directed.

The company then select consultants from the approved body of subject experts to work with them to deliver the improvement projects and achieve the aims of the project charters. All justifiable improvement programmes supported by a successful business case are fully funded.

Approved Knowledge Provider Status Achieved for Aspen Global 

Aspen Global is delighted to announce it has been awarded Approved Knowledge Provider status to the Automotive National Manufacturing Competitiveness Levels ( NMCL ) and the Aerospace SC21 Competiveness and Growth Programmes.

Aspen Global’s expertise in Competitive Strategy and Management Systems and Manufacturing Operations is now available to beneficiaries of both sector programmes to support the implementation of their strategic Improvement Action Plans.

Free ‘Getting Started’ Workshop  

To assist beneficiaries with the launch of their projects Aspen Global team experienced in both the consultancy and assessment elements of the programme are offering a free 1/2 day workshop advising How to Get Started.

The workshop offers practical advice on the adminstration , accounting and benefit realisation processes necessary to deliver a sustainable positive impact on the business’s competiveness and ongoing health.

Signing up to the SC21 C&G programme

To participate in the SC21 C&G programme you must first declare an initial expression of interest.

Click <here> Automotive Companies

Click <here> Aerospace Companies

You will be directed to the NMCL site where you will be asked to complete a short form.

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