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Against a background of static productivity improvement and pressures on public sector spending programme predictability is key to the continued success of this sector. Aspen Global have helped clients deliver sustainable improvements to deliver real benefits in a range of infrastructure projects.

  • £3million bottom line saving
  • 50% reduction in programme
  • 25% reduction in Design turnaround time
  • 20-65% productivity improvement


Integrating clients, designers and project teams to enhance the end-to-end project delivery process. Aspen Global’s DELIVER EXCELLENCE process has achieved industry leading performance in Quality, Productivity and Programme Predictability.

  • 40% reduction in Preconstruction lead time
  • 20-50% reduction in construction duration
  • 200% improvement in Productivity
  • £5million per annum profit gain


In response to increasing pressures to achieve global levels of competitiveness in Quality, Cost and Delivery Aspen have worked with many manufacturing clients streamlining their processes in line with customer demands and maximising value to the benefit of the entire value stream. 

  • £9million per annum savings
  • 90% to 99.9% right first time quality
  • 35% to 100% productivity improvement
  • 76% inventory reduction

Aspen Lean Project System (ALPS)

A proven, structured system developed by the Aspen Global specialist team, for the effective implementation and operation of lean principles, processes and practices to enhance the delivery performance of construction and infrastructure projects. Delivers sustainable change and improved performance and competitiveness.

  • Endorsed by Constructing Excellence International
  • Tailored to organisational requirements
  • Delivers return on investment
  • Grows in-house capability for lean continuous improvement and success
Our Clients
Balfour Beatty
Cross Rail
Currie & Brown
Hampshire County Council
Network Rail
Newholland Construction
Owens Corning
Oxford City Council
Premier Inn
Severn Trent Water
Speller metcalfe